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Prostate Cancer Risk Evaluation

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Several of our practice urologists focus on evaluation of prostate cancer risk for men. This continues to be an evolving and important area of urological care. If men or their families, or their GPs are concerned regarding an individual man’s prostate cancer risk, then there is a number of specific evaluations which can help clarify this risk further.

Evaluation with a urologist includes a detailed medical history , including history of prostate cancer in other family members. It also involves a physical examination of the prostate.

The PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test has a well defined role in evaluating prostate cancer risk. Specific aspects of this include the absolute level, age reference ranges, further analysis of PSA sub-types (including Free PSA, Pro PSA and PHI) and the pattern of PSA levels with time (kinetics).

Based on this background information, further tests are available to clarify further the risk of prostate cancer. This will often include an image guided needle biopsy of the prostate (TRUS), often with ultrasound, performed as a day procedure, usually under sedation anaesthesia. MRI scanning as a particular version of external pelvic MRI (multiparametric MRI) is available in some centres in Brisbane and is used by our urologists when suitable.

Following such evaluations, detailed consultation with the patient and their family helps to direct the need and appropriateness for treatment options, or future monitoring, as necessary.


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